We just love Paletas!

Fresh Artisan Gelato Stix... Dessert with a difference. 


PALETERIA introduces to Australia a new way of eating dessert on a stick. More moorish than a popsicle, our delicious hand made stix come in many varieties... Some silky like gelato, others refreshing like a sorbet, our range are made with real fresh fruit and natural ingredients sourced from the very best Australian and Italian products.  


It's what's on the inside that counts

PALETERIA has no preservatives or additives. Made by hand, there are basically three types of Paletas. 

Paletas de aqua are made with real fruit, water, natural sweetener and fresh ingredients. 

Paletas de leche are made with cream, milk, fruit and fresh ingredients. 

Paletas de yogurt are made out of yogurt, fruit and fresh ingredients.